Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Help KICKSTART the Beehive Collective's 10th Anniversary Print Run!

The BEEHIVE COLLECTIVE has launched a new KICKSTARTER campaign to reprint our full body of work- over a dozen graphic posters!

There's a new-fangled way of doing what Bees do best- fundraising poco-a-poco, little bit by little bit! Through Kickstarter we’ve made a sweet little VIDEO explaining what we do, and are offering lots of special treats to share.

Support the Beehive’s 10th Anniversary Print Run through Kickstarter…… and receive a special collection of limited edition, previously out-of-print, and brand new posters, all shipped direct to your doorstep!

Every lil’ donation makes a big difference; your pledge of $25, $50, or $100 can help us cover the $12,000 total cost of this effort. This will be our biggest, and most diverse, print run to date!

And whether or not you pledge, you can HELP US SPREAD THE WORD by telling your friends, your grandparents, your boss, your siblings, and everyone who’s connected to you on the internet about this kick-startin’ campaign…we need you to help this go viral! >


Anonymous said...

Hi there-- I was at your talk last night in Boulder, CO. I was so moved by your incredible recitation of the story of coal, and I've been inspired to take out books on the Battle of Blair Mountain from the library. Congratulations on the Beehive's amazing work, and please keep it up!

Unknown said...

Really interesting post

Unknown said...

Really interested in talking to a couple artists from this moving print..I own one and treasure it..so moving.. I have a vision on another print about another American problem that I would like to share with you..