Thursday, March 11, 2010


Bees just got back from a visit to Rock Creek, WV to check in with on-the-ground organizers in the coal fields (Coal River Mountain Watch, Climate Ground Zero and allies) and get last-minute feedback on our imagery as we're committing it to ink.

We got a lot of juice out of this visit and made a few more tweaks to the poster. We were excited to meet the folks who are creating "Journey Up Coal River," an online mapping project that opens windows on the current and historical complexities of life in the Coal River Valley. In many ways, it parallels the stories we're trying to tell in visual form.

Our educator bees are fine-tuning our presentation methods and educational materials in preparation for Spring Touring. Bring us to your school or community center!

Meanwhile, in the studio, we're in the final stage of postermaking. We're using ballpoint pen, microns, pencils, brushes and ink washes to build up shading and texture in the landscape and characters in preparation for printing in early summer. We are still open to mutually-beneficial print collaborations with organizations who would like bulk posters--get in touch soon.

To see more pix of poster-making in action, go to our online gallery.

Shading the Mayapple

Shading the Pedicularis

Inking the Minepit

Closeup of Coal Trucks and Hard Choices >

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