Monday, April 27, 2009

Southeast Tour Yields Valuable Feedback

In March and April, six bees crisscrossed the Southeast region with giant banners of the coal-poster-in-progress, talking to tons of folks about coal mining and gathering valuable feedback about our developing imagery.

In addition to college and university presentations, we also paid visits to community groups who are helping us get our story straight. In the photo above, we're consulting with elders from the Traditional Native Survival and Cultural Center about our depictions of Native experience in Appalachia.

During our tour, we found out what's making sense, what's still hard to read, and how best to tweak our drawing to make it most effective. After a week in Asheville sorting through piles of post-it notes and notebooks, we're well poised for the final leg of the drawing!

More images and sketches are viewable on our gallery.

Photo: Reunited touring bees share feedback from our audiences and allies >

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