Saturday, June 7, 2008

KFTC Members Return from Colombian Coalfields

"KFTC members Rully Urias of Island Creek in Pike County and Sara Pennington of Knott County have just returned from a powerful trip to the Colombian coalfields. The two were a part of a delegation of some 20 U.S. residents who visited Colombia with the non-profit Witness for Peace. The group was in Colombia to learn about the challenges faced by communities being sacrificed to the coal industry. Rully and Sara's presence on the tour helped to connect the destruction happening in Colombia with stories from Appalachian communities being devastated by mountaintop removal mining."

Visit the entire KFTC Blog Entry, here.

"It's made me 100% more committed to my work here. I'm not only fighting for my home, I'm fighting for Colombia, too."

-Rully Urias

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