Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Leaving the Farm

Our intensive stay at Hickory Hill Farm is coming to a close. The grazing sheep during meetings, the screams of red-tail hawks at dusk and those honking, slightly obnoxious geese at dawn will all be missed. 

What to say of our time here? The poster is slowly piecing together, and surely, when working collaboratively in a group of 9, it mustn't move any faster. We have been regular with our metaphor push-ups and been consistently stretching our mindfulness muscles while we live, work and recreate with each other every moment of every day. 

We Bees also watched the new coal documentary, Burning The Future, just last night on it's, Citibank sponsored, "green" premier for the Sundance Channel. While there are many documentaries which we feel may provide a larger perspective, you oughta catch this one if you can and share your thoughts with friends and neighbors. Watch the trailer here.

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