Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blacksburg, VA

For the next two weeks the Bees will be basing post-field research out of an 800-acre family farm where sheep and donkey graze the rolling hillside along side many a barn swallow and opossum. With this resting point in travel we are able to begin process of reflection and further the breakdown of all that's been absorbed thus far. With pencil and paper in the tool box, construction of some preliminary sketches and mock-ups for the poster project should begin to take shape.

A nearby shed, complete with two-makeshift drawing boards and plenty of sunlight, has been cleared to serve as temporary studio space while on the farm. Walks across fields (to collect pollen, of course) and dodging cow patties should keep us focused and provide some creative rest before we're off again to Kentucky for Mountain Justice Summer Camp in the Blanton Forest.


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